Gender disaggregated data means what

Question 2: In addition, connecting the responses with household member IDs facilitates analyses based not only on sex but also on age, marital status, education, religion, and any other information included in the household roster.

gender disaggregated data means what

However, limiting analyses to this kind of comparison is problematic because it confounds gender and household structure. While this type of data can be very useful for conducting intrahousehold analyses and for investigating research questions on individual preferences, beliefs, or perceptions, there are less burdensome ways to collect sex-disaggregated data.

What are we really measuring? Or it may involve asking men and women about their individual roles and responsibilities. The National Statistical Plan, which covers a four-year period, is the main instrument to organize the statistical activity of the General State Administration.

Many people think that, in order to collect sex-disaggregated data through a household survey, you have to interview a man and a woman in the same household.

gender disaggregated data means what

Sex-disaggregated data are data that are collected and analysed separately on males and females. Some people mistakenly believe that the goal of collecting sex-disaggregated data and conducting gender analysis is simply to understand the situation for women. We use cookies on this site to improve the usability of this website. You must be signed-in or registered in order to leave a comment.

gender disaggregated data means what

Question 3: February 25, 2019. These reports comprise of gender indexes which provide a statistical analysis of each governmental office and ministry, as well as of the public sector as a whole. Gender-Nutrition Blog What are we really measuring?

Sex-disaggregated data

Sweden Statistics Sweden is commissioned by the Government to regularly follow up and present on the web a total of 88 indicators for the development of gender equality in Sweden, These Indicators cover the four sub-goals for gender equality that Sweden had until November 2016.

Return to top of page. Filed Under: Such data must be collected and analysed within the policy-making process, ideally covering several years to track changes and take corrective action. The detailed data collection and statistical compilation offer thorough and comprehensive insights to the condition of gender equality within each governmental office and unit, thus enabling extensive practical actions. November 29, 2018.

ACTIONS TO CONSIDER Sex-disaggregated and gender-sensitive data are available and accessible at national and sub-national level; The government regularly activates public consultation processes on gender to collect missing information; Build the awareness of statisticians and representatives of line ministries of gender issues through information campaigns and trainings.

Three things you need to know about sex-disaggregated data

As of November 2016 Sweden has two added new sub-goals for education and health, new indicators are being developed to follow up the new goals. One persuasive argument is that simply adding one or two questions to a survey module can produce a wealth of information for minimal costs. The purpose of collecting sex-disaggregated data is to provide a more complete understanding of agricultural production and rural livelihoods in order to develop better policies and programs.

Is that always the case? The Swedish Government has introduced a requirement in an ordinance that all governmental public agencies must present individual-based statistics in their annual reports disaggregated by sex, to ensure that access to sex disaggregated statistics improve, This is needed to make gender inequality in society visible and to facilitate effective process of change.