England to australia flights how long

Here you can climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, catch an iconic Sydney ferry to meet the local wildlife at the Sydney Zoo, and take an afternoon dip in the famed waters of Bondi Beach. The beauty of Cairns is you can do as little or as much as you want, from snorkelling to sky diving and simply sun bathing on the beach.

england to australia flights how long

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London to Brisbane. Six - a considerable reduction on 31, but still a meandering route which took in Darwin, Singapore, Calcutta India - now Kolkata , Karachi, Cairo and Tripoli.

england to australia flights how long

It also has "state-of-the-art technology to reduce turbulence". The first edition took off from Sydney, ultimately bound for London, on December 1 1947.

england to australia flights how long

For more ideas, check out our page on things to do in Sydney. London to Cairns.

Australia-UK: First non-stop flight arrives in London from Perth

This is clearly a good thing on a flight of 17 hours. How long does it take to fly to Australia? The Qantas website waxes enthusiastically and unsurprisingly lyrical about the aircraft, calling it "the most advanced long-haul aircraft of its type", and explaining that the relatively small number of seats - "less than most other aircraft of its type" - is down to a desire "to provide optimal comfort and space for every passenger".

england to australia flights how long

The Constellation was also a rather distinctive aircraft - thanks to its unusual triple tail-fin. Visit our adblocking instructions page. A wholly long-winded way to travel, certainly - but also a far swifter proposition that the six-week voyage passengers were used to. As an incredibly spread out country, Australia boasts a large number of domestic airports.

Flights to Australia

It could welcome 29 passengers. Whether you're looking for a great deal on flights for your Australia holiday, or are visiting friends or relatives Down Under, our Experts can find the best flights, dates and prices to suit you. London to Darwin.