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Time Lords being known to have 13 bodies, with only a very select number of exceptions who usually either stole other Time Lord's lives or were awarded more for their usefulness.

She has become the Master's assistant since then. He does have things he's afraid of, even if he rarely speaks of them. This sentiment is not entirely without basis, as the Doctor has been shown to go too far and perform terrible deeds in his quest to save others or deliver justice to villains, and has stated that he needs someone "to hold [him] back".

Octavia doesn't seem to know about the relationship between The Doctor and Master. As well as Ask Discord Whooves itself, the story has since grown to include many other blogs of varying quality told from alternate POVs that intersect with the main story, as well as several Alternate Universe blogs.

Contents [ show ]. Dinky then said to leave her mother alone, after hitting him with a brick, she starts getting objects from the ground and start hitting him with all her might.

The Doctor suggested that they should run, but Jack didn't want to.

ask discord whooves page 175

Jack quickly came to realize that the Doctor was not how he remembered him and put some effort into trying to understand what was happening. Posted 3 months ago discord whooves my little pony doctor who doctor whooves neosurgeon jitterbugjive:.

Sadly, helping one civilization usually meant having to stop the plans of certain sinister individuals of entire civilizations.

His adventures with her got him banned from 4 different planets, but dispite these complications he insisted on keeping her as a companion. Along his travels through time and space, he met many many civilizations helped quite a lot of them.

Ask Discord Whooves

The Doctor then sais to wait, and starts to un-discord, but dinky places a spear in front of the doctor, "I'm sure that's what she said too. This is most likely because he is a virus and carries none of The Doctor's good traits. The Doctor harnessed the power of the De-Mat Gun to create something called "The Moment", which he used to end the Last Great Time War, destroy the Daleks and Time Lords and place the war entirely inside a perpetual Time Lock, so that none of the events of the war could be accessed via normal time travel.

The Doctor's tools, in comparison to most other beings, are quite staggering even if, by Time Lord standards, they are antiquated trinkets. Ask Alicorn Discord Whooves. Discorded Whooves's skin color is much grayer than before and his eyes are much colder.

ask discord whooves page 175

Warden appears in other Tumblr stories as well. As usual for the Doctor's new regenerations, Perry Doctor went about immediately examining and discovering himself.

ask discord whooves page 175

Eventually he devises a firing device to attach to his hoof to use it more efficiently. XP Besides, I can never stop saying how much I love you guys for this.

ask discord whooves page 175

The two playfully flirted with each other on occasion, and eventually, after noticing the troubles that The Doctor was going through, she offered him a very special gift: This page's comment section is not the askbox, nor does Jitterbug Jive pay attention to it on a regular basis. By the Doctor's own telling, this experience changes everyone. In addition to receiving psychic messages, the paper allows one to get into restricted areas by faking the appropriate credentials.